Our history

 The company’s history dates from 1922, when it was a subdivision of the North-West Regional Chamber of Commerce. Later, the North-West Regional Chamber of Commerce evolved into the All-Union Chamber of Commerce that was subsequently renamed the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). The Patent department of the CCI was transformed into a separate company named Sojuzpatent.

The name ‘Sojuzpatent’ comes from the word ‘Sojuz’ meaning ‘Union’. The best-known collocation with this word was the name of the country, ‘Sovetsky Sojuz’, or the Soviet Union; that is why, back then, the word ‘Sojuz’ was only included in the names of organizations of nation-wide importance.

During the Soviet era, Sojuzpatent was the only organization of patent attorneys in the country and the only entity authorized to deal with foreigners on IP protection matters. Therefore, we have been cooperating with a number of clients for about 90 years. Accordingly, the first matter from Chrysler Corporation was received in 1925, from Electrolux - in 1927. Cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences (and its predecessors) began in 1959.

Thanks to decades of cooperation with the State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries, the All-UnionCenter for Patent Services, international trade organizations and industrial enterprises, Sojuzpatent has accumulated unique experience in providing patent services and mastered the practice of protecting rights in courts and administrative bodies. It has also established strong ties with leading firms of patent attorneys all over the world.

After the dissolution of the USSR, Sojuzpatent became a limited liability partnership owned by its attorneys.




Legal address:
5/2, Il`inka str.,
Moscow, Russia, 109012

Post address:
h.13, b.5, Myasnitskaya str.
Moscow, Russia, 101000

+7 (495) 221-88-80, 221-88-81

+7 (495) 221-88-85, 221-88-86


Company news
May 25 2017

Sojuzpatent’s team of ten professionals took part in the 139th INTA Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. During the event, Sojuzpatent hosted a booth at the Convention Center.

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Apr 28 2017

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation refused to transfer the cassation appeal of the offender to the Judicial Board for Economic Disputes, thereby supporting the position of Sojuzpatent’s client - Renault S.A.S. (France)

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Nov 29 2016

On November 28, 2016, the Presidium of the IP Court canceled the decision of the first instance in the case SIP-70/2016 and sent the case back for a new trial by a different panel of judges. The Presidium agreed with the arguments of Golden Lady Company S.p.A that the conclusions of the court of the first instance contradicted to the facts and case materials and that additional evidence, provided by the parties after administrative procedure, should be also taken into consideration by court. Also, the Presidium stated, that a Power of Attorney should clearly indicate the date when it is signed, and if a Notary just acknowledges the authentic signature, but does not confirm that this signature was put in his presence, the date of notarial certification cannot be the date of PoA. A PoA without a date is void. A power of attorney, having two different dates on it should be also considered void.

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